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Qlight STB45ML-Ex-24V explosion-proof signal tower 1 to 5 LEDs with sound, nRⅡT4 Ex zone 2 (No ATEX or IECEx certificate)
NON-Sparkling explosion-proof, powerful LED lights with fixed light intensity
Excellent visibility through a special reflector
Less maintenance with the use of durable LEDs
Lens and housing are made of polycarbonate with excellent durability, suitable for potentially hazardous and explosive environments
Can be used for Zone 2 application with explosion-proof classification of nR
Zone2: Equipment can work for a short time under abnormal environmental conditions with a high risk
Materials: Lens PC, Enclosure PC, Mounting Housing-Al
Certificates: NEPSI, KCs (KGS)
Explosion protection class: Ex nRⅡT4, Ex nRⅡT6 (Layer 3 only)
Protection class: IP54
Ambient temperature: -20C.. + 50C

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Qlight ST45ML-Ex STB45ML-Ex