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Weighing system with 8 independent reading channels for loadcells.
The TLM8 transmitter allows to have same benefits and performances of an advanced digital weighing system by even using analog load cells.
Omega/DIN rail mounting, suitable for back panel or junction box.
Dimensions: 148x92x60 mm.
Backlight graphic LCD display, transmissive STN, white on blue, 128×64 pixels resolution, 60×32 mm visible area.
Five-key keypad for the system calibration.
TEST key for direct access to the diagnostic functions.
Extractable screw terminal boards.
Analog output 16bit.
3 logic inputs.
5 logic relay outputs.
RS485 serial port for connection to PC/PLC, remote display and printer.
ModBus RTU or ASCII Laumas protocol.

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Laumas TLM8 Series